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2% Fat Free
19th-Jun-2019 02:56 pm - Poke wants list for 2019
hi all :3 will be updated as i pick them up and yeah. gettin down to the nitty gritty ;o; most of whats left is more expensive/rare items soooo ;u; fun fun but with still catching the fit plush ill be super busy UwU

updated July 19; added gen 2 fit plush, removed old items/gotten items etc.
updated July 24; moved Bandai kids to a sepreate page, otherwise cleaned up

10th-Jun-2017 09:53 pm - 2%Fat Free's pokemon wants list
Hi all! This is my new pokemon wants list for 2018.
Most of what is on this list are things I plan on getting eventually- so even if it's something that is common, doesn't mean I'm looking to buy at the moment; whenever the timing and budget aligns, I will look to buy these items!

Here is just a quick rundown of some of my favorite things;
+Johto Pokemon (Gen 2 stuff)
+Older/"vintage" pokemon stuff
+Banpresto items (older plush, from the early 2000's)
+Bandai items (small gashapon toys, like stamp figures and battle musuem)

Hmmm thats about it!
Here is my list, please feel free to contact me anytime if you have these items, even if I can't buy at the moment I would love to know! :-)!

Thank you for reading! :-)
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